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Teaching young kids to learn English is no walk in the park. Kids are easily distracted and have short attention spans. They would also just play rather than listen to someone teach them things. But no matter how challenging it can be, teaching English to children is very rewarding, especially when you hear the little ones speak the universal language very well by themselves.

Now, what an English tutor has to do to be effective in teaching English to youngsters is to develop the best teaching strategies so that their students can understand easily and master the language in the best time possible.

Fun Tips in Teaching English

As difficult as it is to teach a child a language that is not his native one, there are many ways to make it more enjoyable yet effective for the young student to learn.

Fun Tips in Teaching English

  • Play Games. When introducing new vocabulary to students who are learning English, reinforcing them by playing games is an effective way of making them remember. One such game is “Simon Says”. It is great for new words that involve body parts, as well as action words like “sit” and “stand”.
  • Make Art. Introducing new words through art projects is effective in helping children understand better and is also great for retention. Teaching colors using art is one example of this method.
  • Sing Songs. Songs are definitely a fun activity that is great for memorization. There are hundreds of simple songs that a teacher can make use of that is appropriate for the words she is teaching. The kids’ song “Baby Shark”, for one, is great for teaching words for different family members.

These teaching methods are very effective for young minds, like the British Council kids. They will not think about their classes as formal lessons and will enjoy themselves while learning.

And these strategies, along with an organized teaching plan will be the reasons for children to be successful in learning English. It won’t be long before they start speaking it like a native English speaker.

Now, at Doveridge School, all these fun yet effective teaching strategies are applied. Anyone who wants to learn English, especially kids, will definitely enjoy the lessons and find themselves mastering the language at a faster rate than they normally would.

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