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Delivering Student-Focused Learning

The Doveridge Method


Doveridge School Of English is an Online English language school specialising in delivering a variety of course types to students of all ages and skill levels.


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the doveridge method

How We Do It

The tutors at Doveridge are all suitably qualified and experienced in the English language, and are highly motivated to ensure that each student is provided with the best teaching and support to help them achieve their language learning goals.  Doveridge believes that this is best achieved by locating the tutors at the Doveridge site – this helps ensure the highest degree of quality control and effective ongoing lesson quality assessment and monitoring.

Doveridge firmly believes that these course delivery methods provide the maximum effectiveness for all students. 



Doveridge offers kids courses for children from age 3 to age 9.  The courses are designed to be delivered according to the student’s age, with courses for age ranges 3 to 5, 6 to 7 and 8 to 9.

Student courses are offered to those who belong in the age range of 10 to 17, although some flexibility within this range is shown according to specific student needs.  Students will follow one of three courses, with beginner, intermediate and advanced level courses available. 


Doveridge offers adult courses for students of all abilities, with courses at the beginner, intermediate and advanced levels available – actual levels are identified as part of the Online assessment process that all adult students undertake.  In addition, all levels of courses are available for both business and social English.  This ensures that every Doveridge student is following a course matched to their individual needs.

Personalised Learning

With Guaranteed Results

At Doveridge, the whole learning process from initial assessment to course design and delivery is based on the belief that every student is different, in terms of not only ability but learning style.  The courses have been designed to allow students to progress at their own pace, with no particular timescale set for progress through the courses.  Each student has the flexibility to move at a pace they are comfortable with, at the same time ensuring full understanding is shown by the student before progressing.  In addition, the initial Online assessment helps ensure that the material being studied is appropriate to the ability level of the student in question, as well being age relevant in the case of younger students.  For adult courses, the option of following either a business or social focused set of materials adds further relevance to the courses.  With all of the above in mind, Doveridge is confident that it offers student-focused personalised learning with guaranteed results.

A Word

From Our Center Director

Let me explain a little about Doveridge.  Since setting up the school, we have strived to make Doveridge a premium English language school, offering Online English courses to all kinds of students; kids, teenagers and adults.  Each course has been designed with the age, skill level and objectives of every student in mind, which allows us to deliver language training appropriate to each and every student.  All of the modular courses have been designed to follow the Doveridge method ; Introduce – Practice – Use, and,  importantly, all materials are developed in-house to ensure they are a perfect fit for the Doveridge ethos of student-focused learning.

– Ms. M Dumalag

Student Reviews

I would like to say a big thank you to my Doveridge tutors. I was nervous about learning English again as it had been so long since I had studied it at high school.  But, there was no need for me to feel nervous, as the tutors were so friendly and kind to me. The lessons passed very quickly as they were so much fun, but I also learned a lot in them.  The topics were interesting and the grammar was explained in a way I could understand.  It was good to have some grammar exercises so I could practice what I had studied in the lesson.  I would love to study again at Doveridge and hope to see my tutors again soon.

– Maggie Yu

I am studying English at Doveridge now.  I am a junior high school student and hope to study in the UK or the USA when I am older.  If I am going to study in one of those countries, I will need to speak English very well, which is why I’m studying online at Doveridge.  I have English lessons in my school, but the teacher is not a native speaker, and doesn’t really have a good pronunciation skill.  I want to learn English from a teacher who can speak English perfectly, with good pronunciation.  That’s why I chose Doveridge, the tutors are all great at English, and have perfect pronunciation.  I’m very happy with my lessons so far, and hope It can help me achieve my dream of studying in a foreign country.

– Chen Shen Li

I’m happy to be have studied at Doveridge English school. I like the tutors style, they are friendly but try to encourage students to study hard in the lesson.  The material is also good, with a mixture of speaking, listening and reading and only a little writing in the lessons.  There is also grammar study in every lesson, which is good because I was weak in grammar.  The tutors explain the grammar well, and there are exercises for practice.  I wanted to study English because I think it’s important for my future, and I’m much more confident speaking English now than I was.

– Sammy Lee


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