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What We Stand For

Quality Management. Doveridge prides itself on offering students the ultimate in quality of service.  From the facilities, the courses, the materials, the tutors – everything is based on the concept of student-focus. With this  in mind, all Doveridge tutors are based at the Doveridge site – we believe this offers the best option in terms of ensuring the highest level of quality of service for students, and the optimum working environment for tutors.

Our Facilities

State-of-the-art facilities in a quiet and pleasant setting

The Doveridge facility is purpose-built, located in a quiet and pleasant setting in the city of Iloilo, the regional capital of the Western Visayas region in the Philippines.  The environment helps ensure that both tutors and students alike can benefit from the state-of-the-art facilities that Doveridge has, with all of the technological requirements that an Online language school has fully provided for.

experienced and highly competent

Our Teachers

All Doveridge teachers are qualified and experienced in teaching the English language. The recruitment process ensures that not only do Doveridge teachers have the required level of English language skills, but also the other necessary skills to be successful Doveridge teachers, including professionalism, discipline, communication skills, technological skills, organisational skills and a strong sense of the student- focused principle held by Doveridge.

student-focused learning

Quality Education

At Doveridge, we place the highest importance on the quality of teachers we recruit, recognising that they are the key point of contact with our students. That’s why we have a robust recruitment, selection and training process to ensure that all Doveridge tutors meet the highest possible standards. And we ensure those high standards continue to be met by having an ongoing monitoring and review process.  This is only possible because all Doveridge tutors are based on-site at our language centre.  And by having this, we believe we can ensure that the Doveridge ethos of providing student-focused learning can be met.

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English Language Courses

Doveridge courses have been designed to ensure that all students can follow a course type suited to both their specific needs and their existing ability level in the English language.  Each course includes material to develop all four of the key language skills – speaking, listening, reading and writing. The courses are designed using a modular approach, enabling students to progress through each course in measured steps.


All materials are unique to Doveridge, having been written by the Doveridge course developer for the school’s exclusive use. Each course material is written with the philosophy of the Doveridge method in mind – Introduce – Practice – Use. The materials include a mix of speaking, listening, reading and writing activities, with an explanation of all of the required grammar points with practice exercises included.  The materials are written in such a way as to help ensure that each student is equipped to speak the language with a higher degree of proficiency following completion of their individual course. The materials are written using a British English style, but can easily be adapted to other styles, such as American English, according to individual student needs.


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